PDH Optical Terminal Equipment

Optimised for Utility, Dedicated and Corporate Networks that require high reliability in all systems relating to service delivery Flexibility achieved through modular product architecture and distributed power supplies Broad range of subscriber interfaces covering high/ low speed data,Ethernet and Voice ( e.g. V.35, X.21, V.24, 2/ 4-wire VF, E and M) Dynanet In primary access networks, there are needs for various services. A broad family of different interfaces with varying capacities is required. Dynanet, a flexible product family for primary access networks provides the following within its portfolio to meet these challenges:

  • DM2+ - 2Mbit/ s multiplexer
  • DN2 - 2Mbit/ s cross-connect
  • DB2 - 2Mbit/ s branchingequipment
  • DIU - Data Interface Units
  • VF - Voice Frequency interface units
  • DF2-8 and 34 – 2, 8 or 34Mbit/s optical line equipment
  • DM8 and DM34 – Higher order PDH
  • CO2, 8 and 34 – Changeover Equipment
  • SHDSL Modems – TDM SHDSL copper line equipment General Features
  • DM2+ - A dynamically controllable primary multiplexer utilising Dynanet channel unit selection
  • DN2 - A cross-connect equipment with drop/ insert and multiplexing capabilities, supporting up to 40 x 2Mbit/ s interfaces
  • DB2 – An equipment family that offers a wide range of different branching and drop/ insert functions. Typically, the DB2 is used in private chain, tree or ringshaped networks
  • DIU – cards that cover the most frequently used interfaces to data terminals and mainframes ( e.g. V.35, V.11, V.24/ V.28, X.21, Ethernet and G.703)
  • VF - subscriber and VF interface units provide interfaces to the 2Mbit/ s transmission systems withthe Dynanet product family
  • Higher order and optical equipment – equipment that provides digital signal transmission ( electrical or optical) at bit rates of 2, 8 and 34Mbit/s
  • Changeover – equipment to provide an alternative transmission path in case of a line failure ( the protection is 1+ 1 all bit rates 2 to 34Mbit/ s)
  • SHDSL Modems – data transmission over twisted copper pairs, typically providing n* 64kbit/ s access to digital trunk networks, either transparently or in a G.704/ 2Mbit/ s frame structure Flexible Installation

Customer benefits The high reliability of Dynanet is achieved through a high level of integration, strict design rules and careful component control. The equipment MTBF values have been increased and field reliability statistics show actual reliability to be even higher than the precalculated values.
interface characteristics MTBF Mean Time Between Failure SHDSL Synchronous High speed Digital Subscriber Line TDM Time Division Multiplexing VF Voice Frequency