Connection Master

Connection Master provides true multiservice capabilities to support a very wide range of legacy voice and data interfaces transported over Next Generation SDH. It has the performance capabilities to handle almost any type of applications including POTS (Plain Old Telephony Service) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). Very low latency means that time-critical applications, such as teleprotection, can be supported in the future.
Connection Master is designed to be backward compatible with your existing network – for example, with Nokia Siemens Networks’ Dynanet and FMX2 product families. Mission critical reliability is built-in.
The internal architecture has a modular structure that uses high-speed, point-to-point buses to meet both current and future needs offering a growth path to carrier Ethernet.

Trunk interfaces: SDH STM-1/4/16

  • 64 kbit/s cross-connection functionality for legacy TDM services (voice and data)
  • Optimized for strictly time critical, low latency applications
  • Power-over-Ethernet functionality
  • High capacity TDM and Ethernet based tributary units
  • High availability via redundant critical modules